BWP to AUD is used to convert Botswanan Pula to the Australian Dollar. To calculate how much is a Botswanan Pula in Australian Dollar, multiply by the BWP AUD exchange rate of 0.00.

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AUD A$0.11175084670888

How much is a Botswanan Pula in Australian Dollar?

A Botswanan Pula equals A$0.11 in Australian Dollar.

P1 A$0.11175084670888
P2 A$0.22350169341776
P3 A$0.33525254012664
P4 A$0.44700338683552
P5 A$0.5587542335444
P6 A$0.67050508025328
P7 A$0.78225592696216
P8 A$0.89400677367104
P9 A$1.0057576203799
P10 A$1.1175084670888
P11 A$1.2292593137977
P12 A$1.3410101605066
P13 A$1.4527610072154
P14 A$1.5645118539243
P15 A$1.6762627006332
P16 A$1.7880135473421
P17 A$1.8997643940509
P18 A$2.0115152407598
P19 A$2.1232660874687
P20 A$2.2350169341776
P21 A$2.3467677808865
P22 A$2.4585186275953
P23 A$2.5702694743042
P24 A$2.6820203210131
P25 A$2.793771167722
P26 A$2.9055220144309
P27 A$3.0172728611397
P28 A$3.1290237078486
P29 A$3.2407745545575
P30 A$3.3525254012664
P31 A$3.4642762479753
P32 A$3.5760270946841
P33 A$3.687777941393
P34 A$3.7995287881019
P35 A$3.9112796348108
P36 A$4.0230304815197
P37 A$4.1347813282285
P38 A$4.2465321749374
P39 A$4.3582830216463
P40 A$4.4700338683552
P41 A$4.5817847150641
P42 A$4.6935355617729
P43 A$4.8052864084818
P44 A$4.9170372551907
P45 A$5.0287881018996
P46 A$5.1405389486085
P47 A$5.2522897953173
P48 A$5.3640406420262
P49 A$5.4757914887351
P50 A$5.587542335444
P51 A$5.6992931821529
P52 A$5.8110440288617
P53 A$5.9227948755706
P54 A$6.0345457222795
P55 A$6.1462965689884
P56 A$6.2580474156972
P57 A$6.3697982624061
P58 A$6.481549109115
P59 A$6.5932999558239
P60 A$6.7050508025328
P61 A$6.8168016492416
P62 A$6.9285524959505
P63 A$7.0403033426594
P64 A$7.1520541893683
P65 A$7.2638050360772
P66 A$7.375555882786
P67 A$7.4873067294949
P68 A$7.5990575762038
P69 A$7.7108084229127
P70 A$7.8225592696216
P71 A$7.9343101163304
P72 A$8.0460609630393
P73 A$8.1578118097482
P74 A$8.2695626564571
P75 A$8.381313503166
P76 A$8.4930643498748
P77 A$8.6048151965837
P78 A$8.7165660432926
P79 A$8.8283168900015
P80 A$8.9400677367104
P81 A$9.0518185834192
P82 A$9.1635694301281
P83 A$9.275320276837
P84 A$9.3870711235459
P85 A$9.4988219702547
P86 A$9.6105728169636
P87 A$9.7223236636725
P88 A$9.8340745103814
P89 A$9.9458253570903
P90 A$10.057576203799
P91 A$10.169327050508
P92 A$10.281077897217
P93 A$10.392828743926
P94 A$10.504579590635
P95 A$10.616330437344
P96 A$10.728081284052
P97 A$10.839832130761
P98 A$10.95158297747
P99 A$11.063333824179
P100 A$11.175084670888
P105 A$11.733838904432
P110 A$12.292593137977
P115 A$12.851347371521
P120 A$13.410101605066
P125 A$13.96885583861
P130 A$14.527610072154
P135 A$15.086364305699
P140 A$15.645118539243
P145 A$16.203872772788
P150 A$16.762627006332
P155 A$17.321381239876
P160 A$17.880135473421
P165 A$18.438889706965
P170 A$18.997643940509
P175 A$19.556398174054
P180 A$20.115152407598
P185 A$20.673906641143
P190 A$21.232660874687
P195 A$21.791415108231
P200 A$22.350169341776
P250 A$27.93771167722
P300 A$33.525254012664
P350 A$39.112796348108
P400 A$44.700338683552
P450 A$50.287881018996
P500 A$55.87542335444
P550 A$61.462965689884
P600 A$67.050508025328
P650 A$72.638050360772
P700 A$78.225592696216
P750 A$83.81313503166
P800 A$89.400677367104
P850 A$94.988219702547
P900 A$100.57576203799
P950 A$106.16330437344
P1000 A$111.75084670888

1 BWP = 0.058173356602676 GBP (British Pound)
1 BWP = 0.073626859078192 USD (US Dollar)