BWP to HKD is used to convert Botswanan Pula to the Hong Kong Dollar. To calculate how much is a Botswanan Pula in Hong Kong Dollar, multiply by the BWP HKD exchange rate of 0.00.

Currency Converter

Convert From
HKD HK$0.57475335002209

How much is a Botswanan Pula in Hong Kong Dollar?

A Botswanan Pula equals HK$0.57 in Hong Kong Dollar.

P1 HK$0.57475335002209
P2 HK$1.1495067000442
P3 HK$1.7242600500663
P4 HK$2.2990134000884
P5 HK$2.8737667501104
P6 HK$3.4485201001325
P7 HK$4.0232734501546
P8 HK$4.5980268001767
P9 HK$5.1727801501988
P10 HK$5.7475335002209
P11 HK$6.322286850243
P12 HK$6.8970402002651
P13 HK$7.4717935502871
P14 HK$8.0465469003092
P15 HK$8.6213002503313
P16 HK$9.1960536003534
P17 HK$9.7708069503755
P18 HK$10.345560300398
P19 HK$10.92031365042
P20 HK$11.495067000442
P21 HK$12.069820350464
P22 HK$12.644573700486
P23 HK$13.219327050508
P24 HK$13.79408040053
P25 HK$14.368833750552
P26 HK$14.943587100574
P27 HK$15.518340450596
P28 HK$16.093093800618
P29 HK$16.667847150641
P30 HK$17.242600500663
P31 HK$17.817353850685
P32 HK$18.392107200707
P33 HK$18.966860550729
P34 HK$19.541613900751
P35 HK$20.116367250773
P36 HK$20.691120600795
P37 HK$21.265873950817
P38 HK$21.840627300839
P39 HK$22.415380650861
P40 HK$22.990134000884
P41 HK$23.564887350906
P42 HK$24.139640700928
P43 HK$24.71439405095
P44 HK$25.289147400972
P45 HK$25.863900750994
P46 HK$26.438654101016
P47 HK$27.013407451038
P48 HK$27.58816080106
P49 HK$28.162914151082
P50 HK$28.737667501104
P51 HK$29.312420851126
P52 HK$29.887174201149
P53 HK$30.461927551171
P54 HK$31.036680901193
P55 HK$31.611434251215
P56 HK$32.186187601237
P57 HK$32.760940951259
P58 HK$33.335694301281
P59 HK$33.910447651303
P60 HK$34.485201001325
P61 HK$35.059954351347
P62 HK$35.634707701369
P63 HK$36.209461051392
P64 HK$36.784214401414
P65 HK$37.358967751436
P66 HK$37.933721101458
P67 HK$38.50847445148
P68 HK$39.083227801502
P69 HK$39.657981151524
P70 HK$40.232734501546
P71 HK$40.807487851568
P72 HK$41.38224120159
P73 HK$41.956994551612
P74 HK$42.531747901635
P75 HK$43.106501251657
P76 HK$43.681254601679
P77 HK$44.256007951701
P78 HK$44.830761301723
P79 HK$45.405514651745
P80 HK$45.980268001767
P81 HK$46.555021351789
P82 HK$47.129774701811
P83 HK$47.704528051833
P84 HK$48.279281401855
P85 HK$48.854034751877
P86 HK$49.4287881019
P87 HK$50.003541451922
P88 HK$50.578294801944
P89 HK$51.153048151966
P90 HK$51.727801501988
P91 HK$52.30255485201
P92 HK$52.877308202032
P93 HK$53.452061552054
P94 HK$54.026814902076
P95 HK$54.601568252098
P96 HK$55.17632160212
P97 HK$55.751074952143
P98 HK$56.325828302165
P99 HK$56.900581652187
P100 HK$57.475335002209
P105 HK$60.349101752319
P110 HK$63.22286850243
P115 HK$66.09663525254
P120 HK$68.970402002651
P125 HK$71.844168752761
P130 HK$74.717935502871
P135 HK$77.591702252982
P140 HK$80.465469003092
P145 HK$83.339235753203
P150 HK$86.213002503313
P155 HK$89.086769253424
P160 HK$91.960536003534
P165 HK$94.834302753645
P170 HK$97.708069503755
P175 HK$100.58183625387
P180 HK$103.45560300398
P185 HK$106.32936975409
P190 HK$109.2031365042
P195 HK$112.07690325431
P200 HK$114.95067000442
P250 HK$143.68833750552
P300 HK$172.42600500663
P350 HK$201.16367250773
P400 HK$229.90134000884
P450 HK$258.63900750994
P500 HK$287.37667501104
P550 HK$316.11434251215
P600 HK$344.85201001325
P650 HK$373.58967751436
P700 HK$402.32734501546
P750 HK$431.06501251657
P800 HK$459.80268001767
P850 HK$488.54034751877
P900 HK$517.27801501988
P950 HK$546.01568252098
P1000 HK$574.75335002209