BWP to KWD is used to convert Botswanan Pula to the Kuwaiti Dinar. To calculate how much is a Botswanan Pula in Kuwaiti Dinar, multiply by the BWP KWD exchange rate of 0.00.

Currency Converter

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KWD KD0.02272124871153

How much is a Botswanan Pula in Kuwaiti Dinar?

A Botswanan Pula equals KD0.02 in Kuwaiti Dinar.

P1 KD0.02272124871153
P2 KD0.04544249742306
P3 KD0.06816374613459
P4 KD0.09088499484612
P5 KD0.11360624355765
P6 KD0.13632749226918
P7 KD0.15904874098071
P8 KD0.18176998969224
P9 KD0.20449123840377
P10 KD0.2272124871153
P11 KD0.24993373582683
P12 KD0.27265498453836
P13 KD0.29537623324989
P14 KD0.31809748196142
P15 KD0.34081873067295
P16 KD0.36353997938448
P17 KD0.38626122809601
P18 KD0.40898247680754
P19 KD0.43170372551907
P20 KD0.4544249742306
P21 KD0.47714622294213
P22 KD0.49986747165366
P23 KD0.52258872036519
P24 KD0.54530996907672
P25 KD0.56803121778825
P26 KD0.59075246649978
P27 KD0.61347371521131
P28 KD0.63619496392284
P29 KD0.65891621263437
P30 KD0.6816374613459
P31 KD0.70435871005743
P32 KD0.72707995876896
P33 KD0.74980120748049
P34 KD0.77252245619202
P35 KD0.79524370490355
P36 KD0.81796495361508
P37 KD0.84068620232661
P38 KD0.86340745103814
P39 KD0.88612869974967
P40 KD0.9088499484612
P41 KD0.93157119717273
P42 KD0.95429244588426
P43 KD0.97701369459579
P44 KD0.99973494330732
P45 KD1.0224561920188
P46 KD1.0451774407304
P47 KD1.0678986894419
P48 KD1.0906199381534
P49 KD1.113341186865
P50 KD1.1360624355765
P51 KD1.158783684288
P52 KD1.1815049329996
P53 KD1.2042261817111
P54 KD1.2269474304226
P55 KD1.2496686791341
P56 KD1.2723899278457
P57 KD1.2951111765572
P58 KD1.3178324252687
P59 KD1.3405536739803
P60 KD1.3632749226918
P61 KD1.3859961714033
P62 KD1.4087174201149
P63 KD1.4314386688264
P64 KD1.4541599175379
P65 KD1.4768811662494
P66 KD1.499602414961
P67 KD1.5223236636725
P68 KD1.545044912384
P69 KD1.5677661610956
P70 KD1.5904874098071
P71 KD1.6132086585186
P72 KD1.6359299072302
P73 KD1.6586511559417
P74 KD1.6813724046532
P75 KD1.7040936533647
P76 KD1.7268149020763
P77 KD1.7495361507878
P78 KD1.7722573994993
P79 KD1.7949786482109
P80 KD1.8176998969224
P81 KD1.8404211456339
P82 KD1.8631423943455
P83 KD1.885863643057
P84 KD1.9085848917685
P85 KD1.93130614048
P86 KD1.9540273891916
P87 KD1.9767486379031
P88 KD1.9994698866146
P89 KD2.0221911353262
P90 KD2.0449123840377
P91 KD2.0676336327492
P92 KD2.0903548814608
P93 KD2.1130761301723
P94 KD2.1357973788838
P95 KD2.1585186275953
P96 KD2.1812398763069
P97 KD2.2039611250184
P98 KD2.2266823737299
P99 KD2.2494036224415
P100 KD2.272124871153
P105 KD2.3857311147106
P110 KD2.4993373582683
P115 KD2.6129436018259
P120 KD2.7265498453836
P125 KD2.8401560889412
P130 KD2.9537623324989
P135 KD3.0673685760565
P140 KD3.1809748196142
P145 KD3.2945810631718
P150 KD3.4081873067295
P155 KD3.5217935502871
P160 KD3.6353997938448
P165 KD3.7490060374024
P170 KD3.8626122809601
P175 KD3.9762185245177
P180 KD4.0898247680754
P185 KD4.203431011633
P190 KD4.3170372551907
P195 KD4.4306434987483
P200 KD4.544249742306
P250 KD5.6803121778825
P300 KD6.816374613459
P350 KD7.9524370490355
P400 KD9.088499484612
P450 KD10.224561920188
P500 KD11.360624355765
P550 KD12.496686791341
P600 KD13.632749226918
P650 KD14.768811662494
P700 KD15.904874098071
P750 KD17.040936533647
P800 KD18.176998969224
P850 KD19.3130614048
P900 KD20.449123840377
P950 KD21.585186275953
P1000 KD22.72124871153

1 BWP = 0.058173356602676 GBP (British Pound)
1 BWP = 0.073626859078192 USD (US Dollar)