BWP to MYR is used to convert Botswanan Pula to the Malaysian Ringgit. To calculate how much is a Botswanan Pula in Malaysian Ringgit, multiply by the BWP MYR exchange rate of 0.00.

Currency Converter

Convert From
MYR RM0.34402149904285

How much is a Botswanan Pula in Malaysian Ringgit?

A Botswanan Pula equals RM0.34 in Malaysian Ringgit.

P1 RM0.34402149904285
P2 RM0.6880429980857
P3 RM1.0320644971286
P4 RM1.3760859961714
P5 RM1.7201074952143
P6 RM2.0641289942571
P7 RM2.4081504933
P8 RM2.7521719923428
P9 RM3.0961934913857
P10 RM3.4402149904285
P11 RM3.7842364894714
P12 RM4.1282579885142
P13 RM4.4722794875571
P14 RM4.8163009865999
P15 RM5.1603224856428
P16 RM5.5043439846856
P17 RM5.8483654837285
P18 RM6.1923869827713
P19 RM6.5364084818142
P20 RM6.880429980857
P21 RM7.2244514798999
P22 RM7.5684729789427
P23 RM7.9124944779856
P24 RM8.2565159770284
P25 RM8.6005374760713
P26 RM8.9445589751141
P27 RM9.288580474157
P28 RM9.6326019731998
P29 RM9.9766234722427
P30 RM10.320644971286
P31 RM10.664666470328
P32 RM11.008687969371
P33 RM11.352709468414
P34 RM11.696730967457
P35 RM12.0407524665
P36 RM12.384773965543
P37 RM12.728795464585
P38 RM13.072816963628
P39 RM13.416838462671
P40 RM13.760859961714
P41 RM14.104881460757
P42 RM14.4489029598
P43 RM14.792924458843
P44 RM15.136945957885
P45 RM15.480967456928
P46 RM15.824988955971
P47 RM16.169010455014
P48 RM16.513031954057
P49 RM16.8570534531
P50 RM17.201074952143
P51 RM17.545096451185
P52 RM17.889117950228
P53 RM18.233139449271
P54 RM18.577160948314
P55 RM18.921182447357
P56 RM19.2652039464
P57 RM19.609225445442
P58 RM19.953246944485
P59 RM20.297268443528
P60 RM20.641289942571
P61 RM20.985311441614
P62 RM21.329332940657
P63 RM21.6733544397
P64 RM22.017375938742
P65 RM22.361397437785
P66 RM22.705418936828
P67 RM23.049440435871
P68 RM23.393461934914
P69 RM23.737483433957
P70 RM24.081504933
P71 RM24.425526432042
P72 RM24.769547931085
P73 RM25.113569430128
P74 RM25.457590929171
P75 RM25.801612428214
P76 RM26.145633927257
P77 RM26.4896554263
P78 RM26.833676925342
P79 RM27.177698424385
P80 RM27.521719923428
P81 RM27.865741422471
P82 RM28.209762921514
P83 RM28.553784420557
P84 RM28.897805919599
P85 RM29.241827418642
P86 RM29.585848917685
P87 RM29.929870416728
P88 RM30.273891915771
P89 RM30.617913414814
P90 RM30.961934913857
P91 RM31.305956412899
P92 RM31.649977911942
P93 RM31.993999410985
P94 RM32.338020910028
P95 RM32.682042409071
P96 RM33.026063908114
P97 RM33.370085407157
P98 RM33.714106906199
P99 RM34.058128405242
P100 RM34.402149904285
P105 RM36.122257399499
P110 RM37.842364894714
P115 RM39.562472389928
P120 RM41.282579885142
P125 RM43.002687380356
P130 RM44.722794875571
P135 RM46.442902370785
P140 RM48.163009865999
P145 RM49.883117361213
P150 RM51.603224856428
P155 RM53.323332351642
P160 RM55.043439846856
P165 RM56.76354734207
P170 RM58.483654837285
P175 RM60.203762332499
P180 RM61.923869827713
P185 RM63.643977322927
P190 RM65.364084818142
P195 RM67.084192313356
P200 RM68.80429980857
P250 RM86.005374760713
P300 RM103.20644971286
P350 RM120.407524665
P400 RM137.60859961714
P450 RM154.80967456928
P500 RM172.01074952143
P550 RM189.21182447357
P600 RM206.41289942571
P650 RM223.61397437785
P700 RM240.81504933
P750 RM258.01612428214
P800 RM275.21719923428
P850 RM292.41827418642
P900 RM309.61934913857
P950 RM326.82042409071
P1000 RM344.02149904285

1 BWP = 0.058173356602676 GBP (British Pound)
1 BWP = 0.073626859078192 USD (US Dollar)