CAD to BWP is used to convert Canadian Dollar to the Botswanan Pula. To calculate how much is a Canadian Dollar in Botswanan Pula, multiply by the CAD BWP exchange rate of 0.00.

Currency Converter

Convert From
BWP P10.008105519122

How much is a Canadian Dollar in Botswanan Pula?

A Canadian Dollar equals P10.01 in Botswanan Pula.

C$1 P10.008105519122
C$2 P20.016211038243
C$3 P30.024316557365
C$4 P40.032422076487
C$5 P50.040527595608
C$6 P60.04863311473
C$7 P70.056738633852
C$8 P80.064844152973
C$9 P90.072949672095
C$10 P100.08105519122
C$11 P110.08916071034
C$12 P120.09726622946
C$13 P130.10537174858
C$14 P140.1134772677
C$15 P150.12158278682
C$16 P160.12968830595
C$17 P170.13779382507
C$18 P180.14589934419
C$19 P190.15400486331
C$20 P200.16211038243
C$21 P210.17021590155
C$22 P220.17832142068
C$23 P230.1864269398
C$24 P240.19453245892
C$25 P250.20263797804
C$26 P260.21074349716
C$27 P270.21884901628
C$28 P280.22695453541
C$29 P290.23506005453
C$30 P300.24316557365
C$31 P310.25127109277
C$32 P320.25937661189
C$33 P330.26748213101
C$34 P340.27558765014
C$35 P350.28369316926
C$36 P360.29179868838
C$37 P370.2999042075
C$38 P380.30800972662
C$39 P390.31611524574
C$40 P400.32422076487
C$41 P410.33232628399
C$42 P420.34043180311
C$43 P430.34853732223
C$44 P440.35664284135
C$45 P450.36474836047
C$46 P460.3728538796
C$47 P470.38095939872
C$48 P480.38906491784
C$49 P490.39717043696
C$50 P500.40527595608
C$51 P510.4133814752
C$52 P520.42148699433
C$53 P530.42959251345
C$54 P540.43769803257
C$55 P550.44580355169
C$56 P560.45390907081
C$57 P570.46201458993
C$58 P580.47012010906
C$59 P590.47822562818
C$60 P600.4863311473
C$61 P610.49443666642
C$62 P620.50254218554
C$63 P630.51064770466
C$64 P640.51875322379
C$65 P650.52685874291
C$66 P660.53496426203
C$67 P670.54306978115
C$68 P680.55117530027
C$69 P690.55928081939
C$70 P700.56738633852
C$71 P710.57549185764
C$72 P720.58359737676
C$73 P730.59170289588
C$74 P740.599808415
C$75 P750.60791393412
C$76 P760.61601945325
C$77 P770.62412497237
C$78 P780.63223049149
C$79 P790.64033601061
C$80 P800.64844152973
C$81 P810.65654704885
C$82 P820.66465256798
C$83 P830.6727580871
C$84 P840.68086360622
C$85 P850.68896912534
C$86 P860.69707464446
C$87 P870.70518016358
C$88 P880.71328568271
C$89 P890.72139120183
C$90 P900.72949672095
C$91 P910.73760224007
C$92 P920.74570775919
C$93 P930.75381327831
C$94 P940.76191879744
C$95 P950.77002431656
C$96 P960.77812983568
C$97 P970.7862353548
C$98 P980.79434087392
C$99 P990.80244639304
C$100 P1,001
C$105 P1,051
C$110 P1,101
C$115 P1,151
C$120 P1,201
C$125 P1,251
C$130 P1,301
C$135 P1,351
C$140 P1,401
C$145 P1,451
C$150 P1,501
C$155 P1,551
C$160 P1,601
C$165 P1,651
C$170 P1,701
C$175 P1,751
C$180 P1,801
C$185 P1,851
C$190 P1,902
C$195 P1,952
C$200 P2,002
C$250 P2,502
C$300 P3,002
C$350 P3,503
C$400 P4,003
C$450 P4,504
C$500 P5,004
C$550 P5,504
C$600 P6,005
C$650 P6,505
C$700 P7,006
C$750 P7,506
C$800 P8,006
C$850 P8,507
C$900 P9,007
C$950 P9,508
C$1000 P10,008

1 CAD = 1.1232 AUD (Australian Dollar)
1 CAD = 5.2356020942408 CNY (Chinese Yuan)
1 CAD = 0.68157033805889 EUR (Euro)
1 CAD = 0.58445353594389 GBP (British Pound)
1 CAD = 61.244 INR (Indian Rupee)
1 CAD = 108.69565217391 JPY (Japanese Yen)
1 CAD = 0.73686537469604 USD (US Dollar)