CHF to SGD is used to convert Swiss Franc to the Singapore Dollar. To calculate how much is a Swiss Franc in Singapore Dollar, multiply by the CHF SGD exchange rate of 1.53.

Currency Converter

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SGD S$1.5327

How much is a Swiss Franc in Singapore Dollar?

A Swiss Franc equals S$1.53 in Singapore Dollar.

CHF1 S$1.5327
CHF2 S$3.0654
CHF3 S$4.5981
CHF4 S$6.1308
CHF5 S$7.6635
CHF6 S$9.1962
CHF7 S$10.7289
CHF8 S$12.2616
CHF9 S$13.7943
CHF10 S$15.327
CHF11 S$16.8597
CHF12 S$18.3924
CHF13 S$19.9251
CHF14 S$21.4578
CHF15 S$22.9905
CHF16 S$24.5232
CHF17 S$26.0559
CHF18 S$27.5886
CHF19 S$29.1213
CHF20 S$30.654
CHF21 S$32.1867
CHF22 S$33.7194
CHF23 S$35.2521
CHF24 S$36.7848
CHF25 S$38.3175
CHF26 S$39.8502
CHF27 S$41.3829
CHF28 S$42.9156
CHF29 S$44.4483
CHF30 S$45.981
CHF31 S$47.5137
CHF32 S$49.0464
CHF33 S$50.5791
CHF34 S$52.1118
CHF35 S$53.6445
CHF36 S$55.1772
CHF37 S$56.7099
CHF38 S$58.2426
CHF39 S$59.7753
CHF40 S$61.308
CHF41 S$62.8407
CHF42 S$64.3734
CHF43 S$65.9061
CHF44 S$67.4388
CHF45 S$68.9715
CHF46 S$70.5042
CHF47 S$72.0369
CHF48 S$73.5696
CHF49 S$75.1023
CHF50 S$76.635
CHF51 S$78.1677
CHF52 S$79.7004
CHF53 S$81.2331
CHF54 S$82.7658
CHF55 S$84.2985
CHF56 S$85.8312
CHF57 S$87.3639
CHF58 S$88.8966
CHF59 S$90.4293
CHF60 S$91.962
CHF61 S$93.4947
CHF62 S$95.0274
CHF63 S$96.5601
CHF64 S$98.0928
CHF65 S$99.6255
CHF66 S$101.1582
CHF67 S$102.6909
CHF68 S$104.2236
CHF69 S$105.7563
CHF70 S$107.289
CHF71 S$108.8217
CHF72 S$110.3544
CHF73 S$111.8871
CHF74 S$113.4198
CHF75 S$114.9525
CHF76 S$116.4852
CHF77 S$118.0179
CHF78 S$119.5506
CHF79 S$121.0833
CHF80 S$122.616
CHF81 S$124.1487
CHF82 S$125.6814
CHF83 S$127.2141
CHF84 S$128.7468
CHF85 S$130.2795
CHF86 S$131.8122
CHF87 S$133.3449
CHF88 S$134.8776
CHF89 S$136.4103
CHF90 S$137.943
CHF91 S$139.4757
CHF92 S$141.0084
CHF93 S$142.5411
CHF94 S$144.0738
CHF95 S$145.6065
CHF96 S$147.1392
CHF97 S$148.6719
CHF98 S$150.2046
CHF99 S$151.7373
CHF100 S$153.27
CHF105 S$160.9335
CHF110 S$168.597
CHF115 S$176.2605
CHF120 S$183.924
CHF125 S$191.5875
CHF130 S$199.251
CHF135 S$206.9145
CHF140 S$214.578
CHF145 S$222.2415
CHF150 S$229.905
CHF155 S$237.5685
CHF160 S$245.232
CHF165 S$252.8955
CHF170 S$260.559
CHF175 S$268.2225
CHF180 S$275.886
CHF185 S$283.5495
CHF190 S$291.213
CHF195 S$298.8765
CHF200 S$306.54
CHF250 S$383.175
CHF300 S$459.81
CHF350 S$536.445
CHF400 S$613.08
CHF450 S$689.715
CHF500 S$766.35
CHF550 S$842.985
CHF600 S$919.62
CHF650 S$996.255
CHF700 S$1,073
CHF750 S$1,150
CHF800 S$1,226
CHF850 S$1,303
CHF900 S$1,379
CHF950 S$1,456
CHF1000 S$1,533

1 CHF = 1.7445 AUD (Australian Dollar)
1 CHF = 1.5532 CAD (Canadian Dollar)
1 CHF = 8.1037277147488 CNY (Chinese Yuan)
1 CHF = 1.0587612493383 EUR (Euro)
1 CHF = 0.90768811836253 GBP (British Pound)
1 CHF = 95.164 INR (Indian Rupee)
1 CHF = 1.6806722689076 JPY (Japanese Yen)
1 CHF = 1.1429877700309 USD (US Dollar)