CNY to BGN is used to convert Chinese Yuan to the Bulgarian Lev. To calculate how much is a Chinese Yuan in Bulgarian Lev, multiply by the CNY BGN exchange rate of 0.25.

Currency Converter

Convert From
BGN лв0.247

How much is a Chinese Yuan in Bulgarian Lev?

A Chinese Yuan equals лв0.25 in Bulgarian Lev.

CN¥1 лв0.247
CN¥2 лв0.494
CN¥3 лв0.741
CN¥4 лв0.988
CN¥5 лв1.235
CN¥6 лв1.482
CN¥7 лв1.729
CN¥8 лв1.976
CN¥9 лв2.223
CN¥10 лв2.47
CN¥11 лв2.717
CN¥12 лв2.964
CN¥13 лв3.211
CN¥14 лв3.458
CN¥15 лв3.705
CN¥16 лв3.952
CN¥17 лв4.199
CN¥18 лв4.446
CN¥19 лв4.693
CN¥20 лв4.94
CN¥21 лв5.187
CN¥22 лв5.434
CN¥23 лв5.681
CN¥24 лв5.928
CN¥25 лв6.175
CN¥26 лв6.422
CN¥27 лв6.669
CN¥28 лв6.916
CN¥29 лв7.163
CN¥30 лв7.41
CN¥31 лв7.657
CN¥32 лв7.904
CN¥33 лв8.151
CN¥34 лв8.398
CN¥35 лв8.645
CN¥36 лв8.892
CN¥37 лв9.139
CN¥38 лв9.386
CN¥39 лв9.633
CN¥40 лв9.88
CN¥41 лв10.127
CN¥42 лв10.374
CN¥43 лв10.621
CN¥44 лв10.868
CN¥45 лв11.115
CN¥46 лв11.362
CN¥47 лв11.609
CN¥48 лв11.856
CN¥49 лв12.103
CN¥50 лв12.35
CN¥51 лв12.597
CN¥52 лв12.844
CN¥53 лв13.091
CN¥54 лв13.338
CN¥55 лв13.585
CN¥56 лв13.832
CN¥57 лв14.079
CN¥58 лв14.326
CN¥59 лв14.573
CN¥60 лв14.82
CN¥61 лв15.067
CN¥62 лв15.314
CN¥63 лв15.561
CN¥64 лв15.808
CN¥65 лв16.055
CN¥66 лв16.302
CN¥67 лв16.549
CN¥68 лв16.796
CN¥69 лв17.043
CN¥70 лв17.29
CN¥71 лв17.537
CN¥72 лв17.784
CN¥73 лв18.031
CN¥74 лв18.278
CN¥75 лв18.525
CN¥76 лв18.772
CN¥77 лв19.019
CN¥78 лв19.266
CN¥79 лв19.513
CN¥80 лв19.76
CN¥81 лв20.007
CN¥82 лв20.254
CN¥83 лв20.501
CN¥84 лв20.748
CN¥85 лв20.995
CN¥86 лв21.242
CN¥87 лв21.489
CN¥88 лв21.736
CN¥89 лв21.983
CN¥90 лв22.23
CN¥91 лв22.477
CN¥92 лв22.724
CN¥93 лв22.971
CN¥94 лв23.218
CN¥95 лв23.465
CN¥96 лв23.712
CN¥97 лв23.959
CN¥98 лв24.206
CN¥99 лв24.453
CN¥100 лв24.7
CN¥105 лв25.935
CN¥110 лв27.17
CN¥115 лв28.405
CN¥120 лв29.64
CN¥125 лв30.875
CN¥130 лв32.11
CN¥135 лв33.345
CN¥140 лв34.58
CN¥145 лв35.815
CN¥150 лв37.05
CN¥155 лв38.285
CN¥160 лв39.52
CN¥165 лв40.755
CN¥170 лв41.99
CN¥175 лв43.225
CN¥180 лв44.46
CN¥185 лв45.695
CN¥190 лв46.93
CN¥195 лв48.165
CN¥200 лв49.4
CN¥250 лв61.75
CN¥300 лв74.1
CN¥350 лв86.45
CN¥400 лв98.8
CN¥450 лв111.15
CN¥500 лв123.5
CN¥550 лв135.85
CN¥600 лв148.2
CN¥650 лв160.55
CN¥700 лв172.9
CN¥750 лв185.25
CN¥800 лв197.6
CN¥850 лв209.95
CN¥900 лв222.3
CN¥950 лв234.65
CN¥1000 лв247