CNY to TWD is used to convert Chinese Yuan to the New Taiwan Dollar. To calculate how much is a Chinese Yuan in New Taiwan Dollar, multiply by the CNY TWD exchange rate of 4.51.

Currency Converter

Convert From
TWD NT$4.5146726862302

How much is a Chinese Yuan in New Taiwan Dollar?

A Chinese Yuan equals NT$4.51 in New Taiwan Dollar.

CN¥1 NT$4.5146726862302
CN¥2 NT$9.0293453724605
CN¥3 NT$13.544018058691
CN¥4 NT$18.058690744921
CN¥5 NT$22.573363431151
CN¥6 NT$27.088036117381
CN¥7 NT$31.602708803612
CN¥8 NT$36.117381489842
CN¥9 NT$40.632054176072
CN¥10 NT$45.146726862302
CN¥11 NT$49.661399548533
CN¥12 NT$54.176072234763
CN¥13 NT$58.690744920993
CN¥14 NT$63.205417607223
CN¥15 NT$67.720090293454
CN¥16 NT$72.234762979684
CN¥17 NT$76.749435665914
CN¥18 NT$81.264108352144
CN¥19 NT$85.778781038375
CN¥20 NT$90.293453724605
CN¥21 NT$94.808126410835
CN¥22 NT$99.322799097065
CN¥23 NT$103.8374717833
CN¥24 NT$108.35214446953
CN¥25 NT$112.86681715576
CN¥26 NT$117.38148984199
CN¥27 NT$121.89616252822
CN¥28 NT$126.41083521445
CN¥29 NT$130.92550790068
CN¥30 NT$135.44018058691
CN¥31 NT$139.95485327314
CN¥32 NT$144.46952595937
CN¥33 NT$148.9841986456
CN¥34 NT$153.49887133183
CN¥35 NT$158.01354401806
CN¥36 NT$162.52821670429
CN¥37 NT$167.04288939052
CN¥38 NT$171.55756207675
CN¥39 NT$176.07223476298
CN¥40 NT$180.58690744921
CN¥41 NT$185.10158013544
CN¥42 NT$189.61625282167
CN¥43 NT$194.1309255079
CN¥44 NT$198.64559819413
CN¥45 NT$203.16027088036
CN¥46 NT$207.67494356659
CN¥47 NT$212.18961625282
CN¥48 NT$216.70428893905
CN¥49 NT$221.21896162528
CN¥50 NT$225.73363431151
CN¥51 NT$230.24830699774
CN¥52 NT$234.76297968397
CN¥53 NT$239.2776523702
CN¥54 NT$243.79232505643
CN¥55 NT$248.30699774266
CN¥56 NT$252.82167042889
CN¥57 NT$257.33634311512
CN¥58 NT$261.85101580135
CN¥59 NT$266.36568848758
CN¥60 NT$270.88036117381
CN¥61 NT$275.39503386005
CN¥62 NT$279.90970654628
CN¥63 NT$284.42437923251
CN¥64 NT$288.93905191874
CN¥65 NT$293.45372460497
CN¥66 NT$297.9683972912
CN¥67 NT$302.48306997743
CN¥68 NT$306.99774266366
CN¥69 NT$311.51241534989
CN¥70 NT$316.02708803612
CN¥71 NT$320.54176072235
CN¥72 NT$325.05643340858
CN¥73 NT$329.57110609481
CN¥74 NT$334.08577878104
CN¥75 NT$338.60045146727
CN¥76 NT$343.1151241535
CN¥77 NT$347.62979683973
CN¥78 NT$352.14446952596
CN¥79 NT$356.65914221219
CN¥80 NT$361.17381489842
CN¥81 NT$365.68848758465
CN¥82 NT$370.20316027088
CN¥83 NT$374.71783295711
CN¥84 NT$379.23250564334
CN¥85 NT$383.74717832957
CN¥86 NT$388.2618510158
CN¥87 NT$392.77652370203
CN¥88 NT$397.29119638826
CN¥89 NT$401.80586907449
CN¥90 NT$406.32054176072
CN¥91 NT$410.83521444695
CN¥92 NT$415.34988713318
CN¥93 NT$419.86455981941
CN¥94 NT$424.37923250564
CN¥95 NT$428.89390519187
CN¥96 NT$433.4085778781
CN¥97 NT$437.92325056433
CN¥98 NT$442.43792325056
CN¥99 NT$446.95259593679
CN¥100 NT$451.46726862302
CN¥105 NT$474.04063205418
CN¥110 NT$496.61399548533
CN¥115 NT$519.18735891648
CN¥120 NT$541.76072234763
CN¥125 NT$564.33408577878
CN¥130 NT$586.90744920993
CN¥135 NT$609.48081264108
CN¥140 NT$632.05417607223
CN¥145 NT$654.62753950339
CN¥150 NT$677.20090293454
CN¥155 NT$699.77426636569
CN¥160 NT$722.34762979684
CN¥165 NT$744.92099322799
CN¥170 NT$767.49435665914
CN¥175 NT$790.06772009029
CN¥180 NT$812.64108352144
CN¥185 NT$835.2144469526
CN¥190 NT$857.78781038375
CN¥195 NT$880.3611738149
CN¥200 NT$902.93453724605
CN¥250 NT$1,129
CN¥300 NT$1,354
CN¥350 NT$1,580
CN¥400 NT$1,806
CN¥450 NT$2,032
CN¥500 NT$2,257
CN¥550 NT$2,483
CN¥600 NT$2,709
CN¥650 NT$2,935
CN¥700 NT$3,160
CN¥750 NT$3,386
CN¥800 NT$3,612
CN¥850 NT$3,837
CN¥900 NT$4,063
CN¥950 NT$4,289
CN¥1000 NT$4,515