CZK to DKK is used to convert Czech Koruna to the Danish Krone. To calculate how much is a Czech Koruna in Danish Krone, multiply by the CZK DKK exchange rate of 0.30.

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DKK Kr.0.3003

How much is a Czech Koruna in Danish Krone?

A Czech Koruna equals Kr.0.30 in Danish Krone.

Kč1 Kr.0.3003
Kč2 Kr.0.6006
Kč3 Kr.0.9009
Kč4 Kr.1.2012
Kč5 Kr.1.5015
Kč6 Kr.1.8018
Kč7 Kr.2.1021
Kč8 Kr.2.4024
Kč9 Kr.2.7027
Kč10 Kr.3.003
Kč11 Kr.3.3033
Kč12 Kr.3.6036
Kč13 Kr.3.9039
Kč14 Kr.4.2042
Kč15 Kr.4.5045
Kč16 Kr.4.8048
Kč17 Kr.5.1051
Kč18 Kr.5.4054
Kč19 Kr.5.7057
Kč20 Kr.6.006
Kč21 Kr.6.3063
Kč22 Kr.6.6066
Kč23 Kr.6.9069
Kč24 Kr.7.2072
Kč25 Kr.7.5075
Kč26 Kr.7.8078
Kč27 Kr.8.1081
Kč28 Kr.8.4084
Kč29 Kr.8.7087
Kč30 Kr.9.009
Kč31 Kr.9.3093
Kč32 Kr.9.6096
Kč33 Kr.9.9099
Kč34 Kr.10.2102
Kč35 Kr.10.5105
Kč36 Kr.10.8108
Kč37 Kr.11.1111
Kč38 Kr.11.4114
Kč39 Kr.11.7117
Kč40 Kr.12.012
Kč41 Kr.12.3123
Kč42 Kr.12.6126
Kč43 Kr.12.9129
Kč44 Kr.13.2132
Kč45 Kr.13.5135
Kč46 Kr.13.8138
Kč47 Kr.14.1141
Kč48 Kr.14.4144
Kč49 Kr.14.7147
Kč50 Kr.15.015
Kč51 Kr.15.3153
Kč52 Kr.15.6156
Kč53 Kr.15.9159
Kč54 Kr.16.2162
Kč55 Kr.16.5165
Kč56 Kr.16.8168
Kč57 Kr.17.1171
Kč58 Kr.17.4174
Kč59 Kr.17.7177
Kč60 Kr.18.018
Kč61 Kr.18.3183
Kč62 Kr.18.6186
Kč63 Kr.18.9189
Kč64 Kr.19.2192
Kč65 Kr.19.5195
Kč66 Kr.19.8198
Kč67 Kr.20.1201
Kč68 Kr.20.4204
Kč69 Kr.20.7207
Kč70 Kr.21.021
Kč71 Kr.21.3213
Kč72 Kr.21.6216
Kč73 Kr.21.9219
Kč74 Kr.22.2222
Kč75 Kr.22.5225
Kč76 Kr.22.8228
Kč77 Kr.23.1231
Kč78 Kr.23.4234
Kč79 Kr.23.7237
Kč80 Kr.24.024
Kč81 Kr.24.3243
Kč82 Kr.24.6246
Kč83 Kr.24.9249
Kč84 Kr.25.2252
Kč85 Kr.25.5255
Kč86 Kr.25.8258
Kč87 Kr.26.1261
Kč88 Kr.26.4264
Kč89 Kr.26.7267
Kč90 Kr.27.027
Kč91 Kr.27.3273
Kč92 Kr.27.6276
Kč93 Kr.27.9279
Kč94 Kr.28.2282
Kč95 Kr.28.5285
Kč96 Kr.28.8288
Kč97 Kr.29.1291
Kč98 Kr.29.4294
Kč99 Kr.29.7297
Kč100 Kr.30.03
Kč105 Kr.31.5315
Kč110 Kr.33.033
Kč115 Kr.34.5345
Kč120 Kr.36.036
Kč125 Kr.37.5375
Kč130 Kr.39.039
Kč135 Kr.40.5405
Kč140 Kr.42.042
Kč145 Kr.43.5435
Kč150 Kr.45.045
Kč155 Kr.46.5465
Kč160 Kr.48.048
Kč165 Kr.49.5495
Kč170 Kr.51.051
Kč175 Kr.52.5525
Kč180 Kr.54.054
Kč185 Kr.55.5555
Kč190 Kr.57.057
Kč195 Kr.58.5585
Kč200 Kr.60.06
Kč250 Kr.75.075
Kč300 Kr.90.09
Kč350 Kr.105.105
Kč400 Kr.120.12
Kč450 Kr.135.135
Kč500 Kr.150.15
Kč550 Kr.165.165
Kč600 Kr.180.18
Kč650 Kr.195.195
Kč700 Kr.210.21
Kč750 Kr.225.225
Kč800 Kr.240.24
Kč850 Kr.255.255
Kč900 Kr.270.27
Kč950 Kr.285.285
Kč1000 Kr.300.3