CZK to RON is used to convert Czech Koruna to the Romanian Leu. To calculate how much is a Czech Koruna in Romanian Leu, multiply by the CZK RON exchange rate of 0.00.

Currency Converter

Convert From
RON lei0.19695846009928

How much is a Czech Koruna in Romanian Leu?

A Czech Koruna equals lei0.20 in Romanian Leu.

Kč1 lei0.19695846009928
Kč2 lei0.39391692019856
Kč3 lei0.59087538029783
Kč4 lei0.78783384039711
Kč5 lei0.98479230049639
Kč6 lei1.1817507605957
Kč7 lei1.3787092206949
Kč8 lei1.5756676807942
Kč9 lei1.7726261408935
Kč10 lei1.9695846009928
Kč11 lei2.1665430610921
Kč12 lei2.3635015211913
Kč13 lei2.5604599812906
Kč14 lei2.7574184413899
Kč15 lei2.9543769014892
Kč16 lei3.1513353615884
Kč17 lei3.3482938216877
Kč18 lei3.545252281787
Kč19 lei3.7422107418863
Kč20 lei3.9391692019856
Kč21 lei4.1361276620848
Kč22 lei4.3330861221841
Kč23 lei4.5300445822834
Kč24 lei4.7270030423827
Kč25 lei4.9239615024819
Kč26 lei5.1209199625812
Kč27 lei5.3178784226805
Kč28 lei5.5148368827798
Kč29 lei5.7117953428791
Kč30 lei5.9087538029783
Kč31 lei6.1057122630776
Kč32 lei6.3026707231769
Kč33 lei6.4996291832762
Kč34 lei6.6965876433754
Kč35 lei6.8935461034747
Kč36 lei7.090504563574
Kč37 lei7.2874630236733
Kč38 lei7.4844214837726
Kč39 lei7.6813799438718
Kč40 lei7.8783384039711
Kč41 lei8.0752968640704
Kč42 lei8.2722553241697
Kč43 lei8.4692137842689
Kč44 lei8.6661722443682
Kč45 lei8.8631307044675
Kč46 lei9.0600891645668
Kč47 lei9.2570476246661
Kč48 lei9.4540060847653
Kč49 lei9.6509645448646
Kč50 lei9.8479230049639
Kč51 lei10.044881465063
Kč52 lei10.241839925162
Kč53 lei10.438798385262
Kč54 lei10.635756845361
Kč55 lei10.83271530546
Kč56 lei11.02967376556
Kč57 lei11.226632225659
Kč58 lei11.423590685758
Kč59 lei11.620549145857
Kč60 lei11.817507605957
Kč61 lei12.014466066056
Kč62 lei12.211424526155
Kč63 lei12.408382986254
Kč64 lei12.605341446354
Kč65 lei12.802299906453
Kč66 lei12.999258366552
Kč67 lei13.196216826652
Kč68 lei13.393175286751
Kč69 lei13.59013374685
Kč70 lei13.787092206949
Kč71 lei13.984050667049
Kč72 lei14.181009127148
Kč73 lei14.377967587247
Kč74 lei14.574926047347
Kč75 lei14.771884507446
Kč76 lei14.968842967545
Kč77 lei15.165801427644
Kč78 lei15.362759887744
Kč79 lei15.559718347843
Kč80 lei15.756676807942
Kč81 lei15.953635268041
Kč82 lei16.150593728141
Kč83 lei16.34755218824
Kč84 lei16.544510648339
Kč85 lei16.741469108439
Kč86 lei16.938427568538
Kč87 lei17.135386028637
Kč88 lei17.332344488736
Kč89 lei17.529302948836
Kč90 lei17.726261408935
Kč91 lei17.923219869034
Kč92 lei18.120178329134
Kč93 lei18.317136789233
Kč94 lei18.514095249332
Kč95 lei18.711053709431
Kč96 lei18.908012169531
Kč97 lei19.10497062963
Kč98 lei19.301929089729
Kč99 lei19.498887549828
Kč100 lei19.695846009928
Kč105 lei20.680638310424
Kč110 lei21.665430610921
Kč115 lei22.650222911417
Kč120 lei23.635015211913
Kč125 lei24.61980751241
Kč130 lei25.604599812906
Kč135 lei26.589392113402
Kč140 lei27.574184413899
Kč145 lei28.558976714395
Kč150 lei29.543769014892
Kč155 lei30.528561315388
Kč160 lei31.513353615884
Kč165 lei32.498145916381
Kč170 lei33.482938216877
Kč175 lei34.467730517374
Kč180 lei35.45252281787
Kč185 lei36.437315118366
Kč190 lei37.422107418863
Kč195 lei38.406899719359
Kč200 lei39.391692019856
Kč250 lei49.239615024819
Kč300 lei59.087538029783
Kč350 lei68.935461034747
Kč400 lei78.783384039711
Kč450 lei88.631307044675
Kč500 lei98.479230049639
Kč550 lei108.3271530546
Kč600 lei118.17507605957
Kč650 lei128.02299906453
Kč700 lei137.87092206949
Kč750 lei147.71884507446
Kč800 lei157.56676807942
Kč850 lei167.41469108439
Kč900 lei177.26261408935
Kč950 lei187.11053709431
Kč1000 lei196.95846009928