HKD to BGN is used to convert Hong Kong Dollar to the Bulgarian Lev. To calculate how much is a Hong Kong Dollar in Bulgarian Lev, multiply by the HKD BGN exchange rate of 0.00.

Currency Converter

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BGN лв0.23105320304017

How much is a Hong Kong Dollar in Bulgarian Lev?

A Hong Kong Dollar equals лв0.23 in Bulgarian Lev.

HK$1 лв0.23105320304017
HK$2 лв0.46210640608035
HK$3 лв0.69315960912052
HK$4 лв0.92421281216069
HK$5 лв1.1552660152009
HK$6 лв1.386319218241
HK$7 лв1.6173724212812
HK$8 лв1.8484256243214
HK$9 лв2.0794788273616
HK$10 лв2.3105320304017
HK$11 лв2.5415852334419
HK$12 лв2.7726384364821
HK$13 лв3.0036916395223
HK$14 лв3.2347448425624
HK$15 лв3.4657980456026
HK$16 лв3.6968512486428
HK$17 лв3.927904451683
HK$18 лв4.1589576547231
HK$19 лв4.3900108577633
HK$20 лв4.6210640608035
HK$21 лв4.8521172638436
HK$22 лв5.0831704668838
HK$23 лв5.314223669924
HK$24 лв5.5452768729642
HK$25 лв5.7763300760043
HK$26 лв6.0073832790445
HK$27 лв6.2384364820847
HK$28 лв6.4694896851249
HK$29 лв6.700542888165
HK$30 лв6.9315960912052
HK$31 лв7.1626492942454
HK$32 лв7.3937024972856
HK$33 лв7.6247557003257
HK$34 лв7.8558089033659
HK$35 лв8.0868621064061
HK$36 лв8.3179153094463
HK$37 лв8.5489685124864
HK$38 лв8.7800217155266
HK$39 лв9.0110749185668
HK$40 лв9.2421281216069
HK$41 лв9.4731813246471
HK$42 лв9.7042345276873
HK$43 лв9.9352877307275
HK$44 лв10.166340933768
HK$45 лв10.397394136808
HK$46 лв10.628447339848
HK$47 лв10.859500542888
HK$48 лв11.090553745928
HK$49 лв11.321606948969
HK$50 лв11.552660152009
HK$51 лв11.783713355049
HK$52 лв12.014766558089
HK$53 лв12.245819761129
HK$54 лв12.476872964169
HK$55 лв12.70792616721
HK$56 лв12.93897937025
HK$57 лв13.17003257329
HK$58 лв13.40108577633
HK$59 лв13.63213897937
HK$60 лв13.86319218241
HK$61 лв14.094245385451
HK$62 лв14.325298588491
HK$63 лв14.556351791531
HK$64 лв14.787404994571
HK$65 лв15.018458197611
HK$66 лв15.249511400651
HK$67 лв15.480564603692
HK$68 лв15.711617806732
HK$69 лв15.942671009772
HK$70 лв16.173724212812
HK$71 лв16.404777415852
HK$72 лв16.635830618893
HK$73 лв16.866883821933
HK$74 лв17.097937024973
HK$75 лв17.328990228013
HK$76 лв17.560043431053
HK$77 лв17.791096634093
HK$78 лв18.022149837134
HK$79 лв18.253203040174
HK$80 лв18.484256243214
HK$81 лв18.715309446254
HK$82 лв18.946362649294
HK$83 лв19.177415852334
HK$84 лв19.408469055375
HK$85 лв19.639522258415
HK$86 лв19.870575461455
HK$87 лв20.101628664495
HK$88 лв20.332681867535
HK$89 лв20.563735070575
HK$90 лв20.794788273616
HK$91 лв21.025841476656
HK$92 лв21.256894679696
HK$93 лв21.487947882736
HK$94 лв21.719001085776
HK$95 лв21.950054288817
HK$96 лв22.181107491857
HK$97 лв22.412160694897
HK$98 лв22.643213897937
HK$99 лв22.874267100977
HK$100 лв23.105320304017
HK$105 лв24.260586319218
HK$110 лв25.415852334419
HK$115 лв26.57111834962
HK$120 лв27.726384364821
HK$125 лв28.881650380022
HK$130 лв30.036916395223
HK$135 лв31.192182410423
HK$140 лв32.347448425624
HK$145 лв33.502714440825
HK$150 лв34.657980456026
HK$155 лв35.813246471227
HK$160 лв36.968512486428
HK$165 лв38.123778501629
HK$170 лв39.27904451683
HK$175 лв40.43431053203
HK$180 лв41.589576547231
HK$185 лв42.744842562432
HK$190 лв43.900108577633
HK$195 лв45.055374592834
HK$200 лв46.210640608035
HK$250 лв57.763300760043
HK$300 лв69.315960912052
HK$350 лв80.868621064061
HK$400 лв92.421281216069
HK$450 лв103.97394136808
HK$500 лв115.52660152009
HK$550 лв127.0792616721
HK$600 лв138.6319218241
HK$650 лв150.18458197611
HK$700 лв161.73724212812
HK$750 лв173.28990228013
HK$800 лв184.84256243214
HK$850 лв196.39522258415
HK$900 лв207.94788273616
HK$950 лв219.50054288817
HK$1000 лв231.05320304017

1 HKD = 0.1958 AUD (Australian Dollar)
1 HKD = 0.1732 CAD (Canadian Dollar)
1 HKD = 0.9078 CNY (Chinese Yuan)
1 HKD = 0.1179 EUR (Euro)
1 HKD = 0.101 GBP (British Pound)
1 HKD = 10.5798 INR (Indian Rupee)
1 HKD = 19.157088122605 JPY (Japanese Yen)
1 HKD = 0.12773839177365 USD (US Dollar)