HKD to NZD is used to convert Hong Kong Dollar to the New Zealand Dollar. To calculate how much is a Hong Kong Dollar in New Zealand Dollar, multiply by the HKD NZD exchange rate of 0.21.

Currency Converter

Convert From
NZD NZD0.2092

How much is a Hong Kong Dollar in New Zealand Dollar?

A Hong Kong Dollar equals NZD0.21 in New Zealand Dollar.

HK$1 NZD0.2092
HK$2 NZD0.4184
HK$3 NZD0.6276
HK$4 NZD0.8368
HK$5 NZD1.046
HK$6 NZD1.2552
HK$7 NZD1.4644
HK$8 NZD1.6736
HK$9 NZD1.8828
HK$10 NZD2.092
HK$11 NZD2.3012
HK$12 NZD2.5104
HK$13 NZD2.7196
HK$14 NZD2.9288
HK$15 NZD3.138
HK$16 NZD3.3472
HK$17 NZD3.5564
HK$18 NZD3.7656
HK$19 NZD3.9748
HK$20 NZD4.184
HK$21 NZD4.3932
HK$22 NZD4.6024
HK$23 NZD4.8116
HK$24 NZD5.0208
HK$25 NZD5.23
HK$26 NZD5.4392
HK$27 NZD5.6484
HK$28 NZD5.8576
HK$29 NZD6.0668
HK$30 NZD6.276
HK$31 NZD6.4852
HK$32 NZD6.6944
HK$33 NZD6.9036
HK$34 NZD7.1128
HK$35 NZD7.322
HK$36 NZD7.5312
HK$37 NZD7.7404
HK$38 NZD7.9496
HK$39 NZD8.1588
HK$40 NZD8.368
HK$41 NZD8.5772
HK$42 NZD8.7864
HK$43 NZD8.9956
HK$44 NZD9.2048
HK$45 NZD9.414
HK$46 NZD9.6232
HK$47 NZD9.8324
HK$48 NZD10.0416
HK$49 NZD10.2508
HK$50 NZD10.46
HK$51 NZD10.6692
HK$52 NZD10.8784
HK$53 NZD11.0876
HK$54 NZD11.2968
HK$55 NZD11.506
HK$56 NZD11.7152
HK$57 NZD11.9244
HK$58 NZD12.1336
HK$59 NZD12.3428
HK$60 NZD12.552
HK$61 NZD12.7612
HK$62 NZD12.9704
HK$63 NZD13.1796
HK$64 NZD13.3888
HK$65 NZD13.598
HK$66 NZD13.8072
HK$67 NZD14.0164
HK$68 NZD14.2256
HK$69 NZD14.4348
HK$70 NZD14.644
HK$71 NZD14.8532
HK$72 NZD15.0624
HK$73 NZD15.2716
HK$74 NZD15.4808
HK$75 NZD15.69
HK$76 NZD15.8992
HK$77 NZD16.1084
HK$78 NZD16.3176
HK$79 NZD16.5268
HK$80 NZD16.736
HK$81 NZD16.9452
HK$82 NZD17.1544
HK$83 NZD17.3636
HK$84 NZD17.5728
HK$85 NZD17.782
HK$86 NZD17.9912
HK$87 NZD18.2004
HK$88 NZD18.4096
HK$89 NZD18.6188
HK$90 NZD18.828
HK$91 NZD19.0372
HK$92 NZD19.2464
HK$93 NZD19.4556
HK$94 NZD19.6648
HK$95 NZD19.874
HK$96 NZD20.0832
HK$97 NZD20.2924
HK$98 NZD20.5016
HK$99 NZD20.7108
HK$100 NZD20.92
HK$105 NZD21.966
HK$110 NZD23.012
HK$115 NZD24.058
HK$120 NZD25.104
HK$125 NZD26.15
HK$130 NZD27.196
HK$135 NZD28.242
HK$140 NZD29.288
HK$145 NZD30.334
HK$150 NZD31.38
HK$155 NZD32.426
HK$160 NZD33.472
HK$165 NZD34.518
HK$170 NZD35.564
HK$175 NZD36.61
HK$180 NZD37.656
HK$185 NZD38.702
HK$190 NZD39.748
HK$195 NZD40.794
HK$200 NZD41.84
HK$250 NZD52.3
HK$300 NZD62.76
HK$350 NZD73.22
HK$400 NZD83.68
HK$450 NZD94.14
HK$500 NZD104.6
HK$550 NZD115.06
HK$600 NZD125.52
HK$650 NZD135.98
HK$700 NZD146.44
HK$750 NZD156.9
HK$800 NZD167.36
HK$850 NZD177.82
HK$900 NZD188.28
HK$950 NZD198.74
HK$1000 NZD209.2

1 HKD = 0.1958 AUD (Australian Dollar)
1 HKD = 0.1732 CAD (Canadian Dollar)
1 HKD = 0.9078 CNY (Chinese Yuan)
1 HKD = 0.1179 EUR (Euro)
1 HKD = 0.101 GBP (British Pound)
1 HKD = 10.5798 INR (Indian Rupee)
1 HKD = 19.157088122605 JPY (Japanese Yen)
1 HKD = 0.12773839177365 USD (US Dollar)