ISK to BGN is used to convert Icelandic Krona to the Bulgarian Lev. To calculate how much is a Icelandic Krona in Bulgarian Lev, multiply by the ISK BGN exchange rate of 0.00.

Currency Converter

Convert From
ISK kr1
BGN лв0.013128371089536

How much is a Icelandic Krona in Bulgarian Lev?

A Icelandic Krona equals лв0.01 in Bulgarian Lev.

kr1 лв0.013128371089536
kr2 лв0.026256742179072
kr3 лв0.039385113268608
kr4 лв0.052513484358145
kr5 лв0.065641855447681
kr6 лв0.078770226537217
kr7 лв0.091898597626753
kr8 лв0.10502696871629
kr9 лв0.11815533980583
kr10 лв0.13128371089536
kr11 лв0.1444120819849
kr12 лв0.15754045307443
kr13 лв0.17066882416397
kr14 лв0.18379719525351
kr15 лв0.19692556634304
kr16 лв0.21005393743258
kr17 лв0.22318230852211
kr18 лв0.23631067961165
kr19 лв0.24943905070119
kr20 лв0.26256742179072
kr21 лв0.27569579288026
kr22 лв0.28882416396979
kr23 лв0.30195253505933
kr24 лв0.31508090614887
kr25 лв0.3282092772384
kr26 лв0.34133764832794
kr27 лв0.35446601941748
kr28 лв0.36759439050701
kr29 лв0.38072276159655
kr30 лв0.39385113268608
kr31 лв0.40697950377562
kr32 лв0.42010787486516
kr33 лв0.43323624595469
kr34 лв0.44636461704423
kr35 лв0.45949298813376
kr36 лв0.4726213592233
kr37 лв0.48574973031284
kr38 лв0.49887810140237
kr39 лв0.51200647249191
kr40 лв0.52513484358145
kr41 лв0.53826321467098
kr42 лв0.55139158576052
kr43 лв0.56451995685005
kr44 лв0.57764832793959
kr45 лв0.59077669902913
kr46 лв0.60390507011866
kr47 лв0.6170334412082
kr48 лв0.63016181229773
kr49 лв0.64329018338727
kr50 лв0.65641855447681
kr51 лв0.66954692556634
kr52 лв0.68267529665588
kr53 лв0.69580366774542
kr54 лв0.70893203883495
kr55 лв0.72206040992449
kr56 лв0.73518878101402
kr57 лв0.74831715210356
kr58 лв0.7614455231931
kr59 лв0.77457389428263
kr60 лв0.78770226537217
kr61 лв0.8008306364617
kr62 лв0.81395900755124
kr63 лв0.82708737864078
kr64 лв0.84021574973031
kr65 лв0.85334412081985
kr66 лв0.86647249190939
kr67 лв0.87960086299892
kr68 лв0.89272923408846
kr69 лв0.90585760517799
kr70 лв0.91898597626753
kr71 лв0.93211434735707
kr72 лв0.9452427184466
kr73 лв0.95837108953614
kr74 лв0.97149946062567
kr75 лв0.98462783171521
kr76 лв0.99775620280475
kr77 лв1.0108845738943
kr78 лв1.0240129449838
kr79 лв1.0371413160734
kr80 лв1.0502696871629
kr81 лв1.0633980582524
kr82 лв1.076526429342
kr83 лв1.0896548004315
kr84 лв1.102783171521
kr85 лв1.1159115426106
kr86 лв1.1290399137001
kr87 лв1.1421682847896
kr88 лв1.1552966558792
kr89 лв1.1684250269687
kr90 лв1.1815533980583
kr91 лв1.1946817691478
kr92 лв1.2078101402373
kr93 лв1.2209385113269
kr94 лв1.2340668824164
kr95 лв1.2471952535059
kr96 лв1.2603236245955
kr97 лв1.273451995685
kr98 лв1.2865803667745
kr99 лв1.2997087378641
kr100 лв1.3128371089536
kr105 лв1.3784789644013
kr110 лв1.444120819849
kr115 лв1.5097626752967
kr120 лв1.5754045307443
kr125 лв1.641046386192
kr130 лв1.7066882416397
kr135 лв1.7723300970874
kr140 лв1.8379719525351
kr145 лв1.9036138079827
kr150 лв1.9692556634304
kr155 лв2.0348975188781
kr160 лв2.1005393743258
kr165 лв2.1661812297735
kr170 лв2.2318230852211
kr175 лв2.2974649406688
kr180 лв2.3631067961165
kr185 лв2.4287486515642
kr190 лв2.4943905070119
kr195 лв2.5600323624595
kr200 лв2.6256742179072
kr250 лв3.282092772384
kr300 лв3.9385113268608
kr350 лв4.5949298813376
kr400 лв5.2513484358145
kr450 лв5.9077669902913
kr500 лв6.5641855447681
kr550 лв7.2206040992449
kr600 лв7.8770226537217
kr650 лв8.5334412081985
kr700 лв9.1898597626753
kr750 лв9.8462783171521
kr800 лв10.502696871629
kr850 лв11.159115426106
kr900 лв11.815533980583
kr950 лв12.471952535059
kr1000 лв13.128371089536