ISK to BWP is used to convert Icelandic Krona to the Botswanan Pula. To calculate how much is a Icelandic Krona in Botswanan Pula, multiply by the ISK BWP exchange rate of 0.00.

Currency Converter

Convert From
ISK kr1
BWP P0.097280115066523

How much is a Icelandic Krona in Botswanan Pula?

A Icelandic Krona equals P0.10 in Botswanan Pula.

kr1 P0.097280115066523
kr2 P0.19456023013305
kr3 P0.29184034519957
kr4 P0.38912046026609
kr5 P0.48640057533261
kr6 P0.58368069039914
kr7 P0.68096080546566
kr8 P0.77824092053218
kr9 P0.87552103559871
kr10 P0.97280115066523
kr11 P1.0700812657318
kr12 P1.1673613807983
kr13 P1.2646414958648
kr14 P1.3619216109313
kr15 P1.4592017259978
kr16 P1.5564818410644
kr17 P1.6537619561309
kr18 P1.7510420711974
kr19 P1.8483221862639
kr20 P1.9456023013305
kr21 P2.042882416397
kr22 P2.1401625314635
kr23 P2.23744264653
kr24 P2.3347227615965
kr25 P2.4320028766631
kr26 P2.5292829917296
kr27 P2.6265631067961
kr28 P2.7238432218626
kr29 P2.8211233369292
kr30 P2.9184034519957
kr31 P3.0156835670622
kr32 P3.1129636821287
kr33 P3.2102437971953
kr34 P3.3075239122618
kr35 P3.4048040273283
kr36 P3.5020841423948
kr37 P3.5993642574613
kr38 P3.6966443725279
kr39 P3.7939244875944
kr40 P3.8912046026609
kr41 P3.9884847177274
kr42 P4.085764832794
kr43 P4.1830449478605
kr44 P4.280325062927
kr45 P4.3776051779935
kr46 P4.4748852930601
kr47 P4.5721654081266
kr48 P4.6694455231931
kr49 P4.7667256382596
kr50 P4.8640057533261
kr51 P4.9612858683927
kr52 P5.0585659834592
kr53 P5.1558460985257
kr54 P5.2531262135922
kr55 P5.3504063286588
kr56 P5.4476864437253
kr57 P5.5449665587918
kr58 P5.6422466738583
kr59 P5.7395267889248
kr60 P5.8368069039914
kr61 P5.9340870190579
kr62 P6.0313671341244
kr63 P6.1286472491909
kr64 P6.2259273642575
kr65 P6.323207479324
kr66 P6.4204875943905
kr67 P6.517767709457
kr68 P6.6150478245236
kr69 P6.7123279395901
kr70 P6.8096080546566
kr71 P6.9068881697231
kr72 P7.0041682847896
kr73 P7.1014483998562
kr74 P7.1987285149227
kr75 P7.2960086299892
kr76 P7.3932887450557
kr77 P7.4905688601223
kr78 P7.5878489751888
kr79 P7.6851290902553
kr80 P7.7824092053218
kr81 P7.8796893203883
kr82 P7.9769694354549
kr83 P8.0742495505214
kr84 P8.1715296655879
kr85 P8.2688097806544
kr86 P8.366089895721
kr87 P8.4633700107875
kr88 P8.560650125854
kr89 P8.6579302409205
kr90 P8.7552103559871
kr91 P8.8524904710536
kr92 P8.9497705861201
kr93 P9.0470507011866
kr94 P9.1443308162531
kr95 P9.2416109313197
kr96 P9.3388910463862
kr97 P9.4361711614527
kr98 P9.5334512765192
kr99 P9.6307313915858
kr100 P9.7280115066523
kr105 P10.214412081985
kr110 P10.700812657318
kr115 P11.18721323265
kr120 P11.673613807983
kr125 P12.160014383315
kr130 P12.646414958648
kr135 P13.132815533981
kr140 P13.619216109313
kr145 P14.105616684646
kr150 P14.592017259978
kr155 P15.078417835311
kr160 P15.564818410644
kr165 P16.051218985976
kr170 P16.537619561309
kr175 P17.024020136641
kr180 P17.510420711974
kr185 P17.996821287307
kr190 P18.483221862639
kr195 P18.969622437972
kr200 P19.456023013305
kr250 P24.320028766631
kr300 P29.184034519957
kr350 P34.048040273283
kr400 P38.912046026609
kr450 P43.776051779935
kr500 P48.640057533261
kr550 P53.504063286588
kr600 P58.368069039914
kr650 P63.23207479324
kr700 P68.096080546566
kr750 P72.960086299892
kr800 P77.824092053218
kr850 P82.688097806544
kr900 P87.552103559871
kr950 P92.416109313197
kr1000 P97.280115066523