ISK to HKD is used to convert Icelandic Krona to the Hong Kong Dollar. To calculate how much is a Icelandic Krona in Hong Kong Dollar, multiply by the ISK HKD exchange rate of 0.00.

Currency Converter

Convert From
ISK kr1
HKD HK$0.056115619389587

How much is a Icelandic Krona in Hong Kong Dollar?

A Icelandic Krona equals HK$0.06 in Hong Kong Dollar.

kr1 HK$0.056115619389587
kr2 HK$0.11223123877917
kr3 HK$0.16834685816876
kr4 HK$0.22446247755835
kr5 HK$0.28057809694794
kr6 HK$0.33669371633752
kr7 HK$0.39280933572711
kr8 HK$0.4489249551167
kr9 HK$0.50504057450628
kr10 HK$0.56115619389587
kr11 HK$0.61727181328546
kr12 HK$0.67338743267504
kr13 HK$0.72950305206463
kr14 HK$0.78561867145422
kr15 HK$0.84173429084381
kr16 HK$0.89784991023339
kr17 HK$0.95396552962298
kr18 HK$1.0100811490126
kr19 HK$1.0661967684022
kr20 HK$1.1223123877917
kr21 HK$1.1784280071813
kr22 HK$1.2345436265709
kr23 HK$1.2906592459605
kr24 HK$1.3467748653501
kr25 HK$1.4028904847397
kr26 HK$1.4590061041293
kr27 HK$1.5151217235189
kr28 HK$1.5712373429084
kr29 HK$1.627352962298
kr30 HK$1.6834685816876
kr31 HK$1.7395842010772
kr32 HK$1.7956998204668
kr33 HK$1.8518154398564
kr34 HK$1.907931059246
kr35 HK$1.9640466786355
kr36 HK$2.0201622980251
kr37 HK$2.0762779174147
kr38 HK$2.1323935368043
kr39 HK$2.1885091561939
kr40 HK$2.2446247755835
kr41 HK$2.3007403949731
kr42 HK$2.3568560143627
kr43 HK$2.4129716337522
kr44 HK$2.4690872531418
kr45 HK$2.5252028725314
kr46 HK$2.581318491921
kr47 HK$2.6374341113106
kr48 HK$2.6935497307002
kr49 HK$2.7496653500898
kr50 HK$2.8057809694794
kr51 HK$2.8618965888689
kr52 HK$2.9180122082585
kr53 HK$2.9741278276481
kr54 HK$3.0302434470377
kr55 HK$3.0863590664273
kr56 HK$3.1424746858169
kr57 HK$3.1985903052065
kr58 HK$3.254705924596
kr59 HK$3.3108215439856
kr60 HK$3.3669371633752
kr61 HK$3.4230527827648
kr62 HK$3.4791684021544
kr63 HK$3.535284021544
kr64 HK$3.5913996409336
kr65 HK$3.6475152603232
kr66 HK$3.7036308797127
kr67 HK$3.7597464991023
kr68 HK$3.8158621184919
kr69 HK$3.8719777378815
kr70 HK$3.9280933572711
kr71 HK$3.9842089766607
kr72 HK$4.0403245960503
kr73 HK$4.0964402154399
kr74 HK$4.1525558348294
kr75 HK$4.208671454219
kr76 HK$4.2647870736086
kr77 HK$4.3209026929982
kr78 HK$4.3770183123878
kr79 HK$4.4331339317774
kr80 HK$4.489249551167
kr81 HK$4.5453651705566
kr82 HK$4.6014807899461
kr83 HK$4.6575964093357
kr84 HK$4.7137120287253
kr85 HK$4.7698276481149
kr86 HK$4.8259432675045
kr87 HK$4.8820588868941
kr88 HK$4.9381745062837
kr89 HK$4.9942901256732
kr90 HK$5.0504057450628
kr91 HK$5.1065213644524
kr92 HK$5.162636983842
kr93 HK$5.2187526032316
kr94 HK$5.2748682226212
kr95 HK$5.3309838420108
kr96 HK$5.3870994614004
kr97 HK$5.4432150807899
kr98 HK$5.4993307001795
kr99 HK$5.5554463195691
kr100 HK$5.6115619389587
kr105 HK$5.8921400359066
kr110 HK$6.1727181328546
kr115 HK$6.4532962298025
kr120 HK$6.7338743267504
kr125 HK$7.0144524236984
kr130 HK$7.2950305206463
kr135 HK$7.5756086175943
kr140 HK$7.8561867145422
kr145 HK$8.1367648114901
kr150 HK$8.4173429084381
kr155 HK$8.697921005386
kr160 HK$8.9784991023339
kr165 HK$9.2590771992819
kr170 HK$9.5396552962298
kr175 HK$9.8202333931777
kr180 HK$10.100811490126
kr185 HK$10.381389587074
kr190 HK$10.661967684022
kr195 HK$10.942545780969
kr200 HK$11.223123877917
kr250 HK$14.028904847397
kr300 HK$16.834685816876
kr350 HK$19.640466786355
kr400 HK$22.446247755835
kr450 HK$25.252028725314
kr500 HK$28.057809694794
kr550 HK$30.863590664273
kr600 HK$33.669371633752
kr650 HK$36.475152603232
kr700 HK$39.280933572711
kr750 HK$42.08671454219
kr800 HK$44.89249551167
kr850 HK$47.698276481149
kr900 HK$50.504057450628
kr950 HK$53.309838420108
kr1000 HK$56.115619389587

1 ISK = 0.0057 GBP (British Pound)
1 ISK = 0.007181328545781 USD (US Dollar)