MXN to NZD is used to convert Mexican Peso to the New Zealand Dollar. To calculate how much is a Mexican Peso in New Zealand Dollar, multiply by the MXN NZD exchange rate of 0.10.

Currency Converter

Convert From
MXN Mex1
NZD NZD0.096262141062542

How much is a Mexican Peso in New Zealand Dollar?

A Mexican Peso equals NZD0.10 in New Zealand Dollar.

Mex1 NZD0.096262141062542
Mex2 NZD0.19252428212508
Mex3 NZD0.28878642318762
Mex4 NZD0.38504856425017
Mex5 NZD0.48131070531271
Mex6 NZD0.57757284637525
Mex7 NZD0.67383498743779
Mex8 NZD0.77009712850033
Mex9 NZD0.86635926956287
Mex10 NZD0.96262141062542
Mex11 NZD1.058883551688
Mex12 NZD1.1551456927505
Mex13 NZD1.251407833813
Mex14 NZD1.3476699748756
Mex15 NZD1.4439321159381
Mex16 NZD1.5401942570007
Mex17 NZD1.6364563980632
Mex18 NZD1.7327185391257
Mex19 NZD1.8289806801883
Mex20 NZD1.9252428212508
Mex21 NZD2.0215049623134
Mex22 NZD2.1177671033759
Mex23 NZD2.2140292444385
Mex24 NZD2.310291385501
Mex25 NZD2.4065535265635
Mex26 NZD2.5028156676261
Mex27 NZD2.5990778086886
Mex28 NZD2.6953399497512
Mex29 NZD2.7916020908137
Mex30 NZD2.8878642318762
Mex31 NZD2.9841263729388
Mex32 NZD3.0803885140013
Mex33 NZD3.1766506550639
Mex34 NZD3.2729127961264
Mex35 NZD3.369174937189
Mex36 NZD3.4654370782515
Mex37 NZD3.561699219314
Mex38 NZD3.6579613603766
Mex39 NZD3.7542235014391
Mex40 NZD3.8504856425017
Mex41 NZD3.9467477835642
Mex42 NZD4.0430099246267
Mex43 NZD4.1392720656893
Mex44 NZD4.2355342067518
Mex45 NZD4.3317963478144
Mex46 NZD4.4280584888769
Mex47 NZD4.5243206299395
Mex48 NZD4.620582771002
Mex49 NZD4.7168449120645
Mex50 NZD4.8131070531271
Mex51 NZD4.9093691941896
Mex52 NZD5.0056313352522
Mex53 NZD5.1018934763147
Mex54 NZD5.1981556173772
Mex55 NZD5.2944177584398
Mex56 NZD5.3906798995023
Mex57 NZD5.4869420405649
Mex58 NZD5.5832041816274
Mex59 NZD5.6794663226899
Mex60 NZD5.7757284637525
Mex61 NZD5.871990604815
Mex62 NZD5.9682527458776
Mex63 NZD6.0645148869401
Mex64 NZD6.1607770280027
Mex65 NZD6.2570391690652
Mex66 NZD6.3533013101277
Mex67 NZD6.4495634511903
Mex68 NZD6.5458255922528
Mex69 NZD6.6420877333154
Mex70 NZD6.7383498743779
Mex71 NZD6.8346120154404
Mex72 NZD6.930874156503
Mex73 NZD7.0271362975655
Mex74 NZD7.1233984386281
Mex75 NZD7.2196605796906
Mex76 NZD7.3159227207532
Mex77 NZD7.4121848618157
Mex78 NZD7.5084470028782
Mex79 NZD7.6047091439408
Mex80 NZD7.7009712850033
Mex81 NZD7.7972334260659
Mex82 NZD7.8934955671284
Mex83 NZD7.9897577081909
Mex84 NZD8.0860198492535
Mex85 NZD8.182281990316
Mex86 NZD8.2785441313786
Mex87 NZD8.3748062724411
Mex88 NZD8.4710684135037
Mex89 NZD8.5673305545662
Mex90 NZD8.6635926956287
Mex91 NZD8.7598548366913
Mex92 NZD8.8561169777538
Mex93 NZD8.9523791188164
Mex94 NZD9.0486412598789
Mex95 NZD9.1449034009414
Mex96 NZD9.241165542004
Mex97 NZD9.3374276830665
Mex98 NZD9.4336898241291
Mex99 NZD9.5299519651916
Mex100 NZD9.6262141062542
Mex105 NZD10.107524811567
Mex110 NZD10.58883551688
Mex115 NZD11.070146222192
Mex120 NZD11.551456927505
Mex125 NZD12.032767632818
Mex130 NZD12.51407833813
Mex135 NZD12.995389043443
Mex140 NZD13.476699748756
Mex145 NZD13.958010454069
Mex150 NZD14.439321159381
Mex155 NZD14.920631864694
Mex160 NZD15.401942570007
Mex165 NZD15.883253275319
Mex170 NZD16.364563980632
Mex175 NZD16.845874685945
Mex180 NZD17.327185391257
Mex185 NZD17.80849609657
Mex190 NZD18.289806801883
Mex195 NZD18.771117507196
Mex200 NZD19.252428212508
Mex250 NZD24.065535265635
Mex300 NZD28.878642318762
Mex350 NZD33.69174937189
Mex400 NZD38.504856425017
Mex450 NZD43.317963478144
Mex500 NZD48.131070531271
Mex550 NZD52.944177584398
Mex600 NZD57.757284637525
Mex650 NZD62.570391690652
Mex700 NZD67.383498743779
Mex750 NZD72.196605796906
Mex800 NZD77.009712850033
Mex850 NZD81.82281990316
Mex900 NZD86.635926956287
Mex950 NZD91.449034009414
Mex1000 NZD96.262141062542

1 MXN = 0.0901 AUD (Australian Dollar)
1 MXN = 0.0797 CAD (Canadian Dollar)
1 MXN = 0.0542 EUR (Euro)
1 MXN = 0.0465 GBP (British Pound)
1 MXN = 8.824 JPY (Japanese Yen)
1 MXN = 0.0587924040214 USD (US Dollar)