SEK to OMR is used to convert Swedish Krona to the Omani Rial. To calculate how much is a Swedish Krona in Omani Rial, multiply by the SEK OMR exchange rate of 0.00.

Currency Converter

Convert From
SEK kr1
OMR OMR0.035280641466208

How much is a Swedish Krona in Omani Rial?

A Swedish Krona equals OMR0.04 in Omani Rial.

kr1 OMR0.035280641466208
kr2 OMR0.070561282932417
kr3 OMR0.10584192439863
kr4 OMR0.14112256586483
kr5 OMR0.17640320733104
kr6 OMR0.21168384879725
kr7 OMR0.24696449026346
kr8 OMR0.28224513172967
kr9 OMR0.31752577319588
kr10 OMR0.35280641466208
kr11 OMR0.38808705612829
kr12 OMR0.4233676975945
kr13 OMR0.45864833906071
kr14 OMR0.49392898052692
kr15 OMR0.52920962199313
kr16 OMR0.56449026345934
kr17 OMR0.59977090492554
kr18 OMR0.63505154639175
kr19 OMR0.67033218785796
kr20 OMR0.70561282932417
kr21 OMR0.74089347079038
kr22 OMR0.77617411225659
kr23 OMR0.81145475372279
kr24 OMR0.846735395189
kr25 OMR0.88201603665521
kr26 OMR0.91729667812142
kr27 OMR0.95257731958763
kr28 OMR0.98785796105384
kr29 OMR1.02313860252
kr30 OMR1.0584192439863
kr31 OMR1.0936998854525
kr32 OMR1.1289805269187
kr33 OMR1.1642611683849
kr34 OMR1.1995418098511
kr35 OMR1.2348224513173
kr36 OMR1.2701030927835
kr37 OMR1.3053837342497
kr38 OMR1.3406643757159
kr39 OMR1.3759450171821
kr40 OMR1.4112256586483
kr41 OMR1.4465063001145
kr42 OMR1.4817869415808
kr43 OMR1.517067583047
kr44 OMR1.5523482245132
kr45 OMR1.5876288659794
kr46 OMR1.6229095074456
kr47 OMR1.6581901489118
kr48 OMR1.693470790378
kr49 OMR1.7287514318442
kr50 OMR1.7640320733104
kr51 OMR1.7993127147766
kr52 OMR1.8345933562428
kr53 OMR1.869873997709
kr54 OMR1.9051546391753
kr55 OMR1.9404352806415
kr56 OMR1.9757159221077
kr57 OMR2.0109965635739
kr58 OMR2.0462772050401
kr59 OMR2.0815578465063
kr60 OMR2.1168384879725
kr61 OMR2.1521191294387
kr62 OMR2.1873997709049
kr63 OMR2.2226804123711
kr64 OMR2.2579610538373
kr65 OMR2.2932416953036
kr66 OMR2.3285223367698
kr67 OMR2.363802978236
kr68 OMR2.3990836197022
kr69 OMR2.4343642611684
kr70 OMR2.4696449026346
kr71 OMR2.5049255441008
kr72 OMR2.540206185567
kr73 OMR2.5754868270332
kr74 OMR2.6107674684994
kr75 OMR2.6460481099656
kr76 OMR2.6813287514318
kr77 OMR2.7166093928981
kr78 OMR2.7518900343643
kr79 OMR2.7871706758305
kr80 OMR2.8224513172967
kr81 OMR2.8577319587629
kr82 OMR2.8930126002291
kr83 OMR2.9282932416953
kr84 OMR2.9635738831615
kr85 OMR2.9988545246277
kr86 OMR3.0341351660939
kr87 OMR3.0694158075601
kr88 OMR3.1046964490263
kr89 OMR3.1399770904926
kr90 OMR3.1752577319588
kr91 OMR3.210538373425
kr92 OMR3.2458190148912
kr93 OMR3.2810996563574
kr94 OMR3.3163802978236
kr95 OMR3.3516609392898
kr96 OMR3.386941580756
kr97 OMR3.4222222222222
kr98 OMR3.4575028636884
kr99 OMR3.4927835051546
kr100 OMR3.5280641466208
kr105 OMR3.7044673539519
kr110 OMR3.8808705612829
kr115 OMR4.057273768614
kr120 OMR4.233676975945
kr125 OMR4.4100801832761
kr130 OMR4.5864833906071
kr135 OMR4.7628865979381
kr140 OMR4.9392898052692
kr145 OMR5.1156930126002
kr150 OMR5.2920962199313
kr155 OMR5.4684994272623
kr160 OMR5.6449026345934
kr165 OMR5.8213058419244
kr170 OMR5.9977090492554
kr175 OMR6.1741122565865
kr180 OMR6.3505154639175
kr185 OMR6.5269186712486
kr190 OMR6.7033218785796
kr195 OMR6.8797250859107
kr200 OMR7.0561282932417
kr250 OMR8.8201603665521
kr300 OMR10.584192439863
kr350 OMR12.348224513173
kr400 OMR14.112256586483
kr450 OMR15.876288659794
kr500 OMR17.640320733104
kr550 OMR19.404352806415
kr600 OMR21.168384879725
kr650 OMR22.932416953036
kr700 OMR24.696449026346
kr750 OMR26.460481099656
kr800 OMR28.224513172967
kr850 OMR29.988545246277
kr900 OMR31.752577319588
kr950 OMR33.516609392898
kr1000 OMR35.280641466208