TWD to SGD is used to convert New Taiwan Dollar to the Singapore Dollar. To calculate how much is a New Taiwan Dollar in Singapore Dollar, multiply by the TWD SGD exchange rate of 0.04.

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SGD S$0.041

How much is a New Taiwan Dollar in Singapore Dollar?

A New Taiwan Dollar equals S$0.04 in Singapore Dollar.

NT$1 S$0.041
NT$2 S$0.082
NT$3 S$0.123
NT$4 S$0.164
NT$5 S$0.205
NT$6 S$0.246
NT$7 S$0.287
NT$8 S$0.328
NT$9 S$0.369
NT$10 S$0.41
NT$11 S$0.451
NT$12 S$0.492
NT$13 S$0.533
NT$14 S$0.574
NT$15 S$0.615
NT$16 S$0.656
NT$17 S$0.697
NT$18 S$0.738
NT$19 S$0.779
NT$20 S$0.82
NT$21 S$0.861
NT$22 S$0.902
NT$23 S$0.943
NT$24 S$0.984
NT$25 S$1.025
NT$26 S$1.066
NT$27 S$1.107
NT$28 S$1.148
NT$29 S$1.189
NT$30 S$1.23
NT$31 S$1.271
NT$32 S$1.312
NT$33 S$1.353
NT$34 S$1.394
NT$35 S$1.435
NT$36 S$1.476
NT$37 S$1.517
NT$38 S$1.558
NT$39 S$1.599
NT$40 S$1.64
NT$41 S$1.681
NT$42 S$1.722
NT$43 S$1.763
NT$44 S$1.804
NT$45 S$1.845
NT$46 S$1.886
NT$47 S$1.927
NT$48 S$1.968
NT$49 S$2.009
NT$50 S$2.05
NT$51 S$2.091
NT$52 S$2.132
NT$53 S$2.173
NT$54 S$2.214
NT$55 S$2.255
NT$56 S$2.296
NT$57 S$2.337
NT$58 S$2.378
NT$59 S$2.419
NT$60 S$2.46
NT$61 S$2.501
NT$62 S$2.542
NT$63 S$2.583
NT$64 S$2.624
NT$65 S$2.665
NT$66 S$2.706
NT$67 S$2.747
NT$68 S$2.788
NT$69 S$2.829
NT$70 S$2.87
NT$71 S$2.911
NT$72 S$2.952
NT$73 S$2.993
NT$74 S$3.034
NT$75 S$3.075
NT$76 S$3.116
NT$77 S$3.157
NT$78 S$3.198
NT$79 S$3.239
NT$80 S$3.28
NT$81 S$3.321
NT$82 S$3.362
NT$83 S$3.403
NT$84 S$3.444
NT$85 S$3.485
NT$86 S$3.526
NT$87 S$3.567
NT$88 S$3.608
NT$89 S$3.649
NT$90 S$3.69
NT$91 S$3.731
NT$92 S$3.772
NT$93 S$3.813
NT$94 S$3.854
NT$95 S$3.895
NT$96 S$3.936
NT$97 S$3.977
NT$98 S$4.018
NT$99 S$4.059
NT$100 S$4.1
NT$105 S$4.305
NT$110 S$4.51
NT$115 S$4.715
NT$120 S$4.92
NT$125 S$5.125
NT$130 S$5.33
NT$135 S$5.535
NT$140 S$5.74
NT$145 S$5.945
NT$150 S$6.15
NT$155 S$6.355
NT$160 S$6.56
NT$165 S$6.765
NT$170 S$6.97
NT$175 S$7.175
NT$180 S$7.38
NT$185 S$7.585
NT$190 S$7.79
NT$195 S$7.995
NT$200 S$8.2
NT$250 S$10.25
NT$300 S$12.3
NT$350 S$14.35
NT$400 S$16.4
NT$450 S$18.45
NT$500 S$20.5
NT$550 S$22.55
NT$600 S$24.6
NT$650 S$26.65
NT$700 S$28.7
NT$750 S$30.75
NT$800 S$32.8
NT$850 S$34.85
NT$900 S$36.9
NT$950 S$38.95
NT$1000 S$41